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FMK Karate & Fitness Center
782 Chenango St Binghamton, NY 13901 | (607) 723-9624

FMK Karate School is the best Martial Arts source for Karate, and Self Defense classes! Karate emphasizes:


Since our 1991, FMK Karate has become a place to learn and make friends for hundreds of adults and children in the Binghamton Area. One of the only Martial Arts buildings in the country, that was designed and built with the training of Karate in mind. This institution has a purpose and philosophy of non-violence while perfecting one’s mind and body through the study of karate. The only school in the Binghamton area to teach cane adult self-defense and adult street self-defense in every class.

Frank M. Kushner is a Martial Arts Grand Master with over 50 years of continuous training and has been inducted into many World Martial Arts Halls of Fame. He has trained in Karate as well as having extensive training in martial arts weapons with both American and Oriental Masters. Mr. Kushner spent several years as a top rated National Karate Competitor who traveled the U.S. and Canada, rarely coming back with anything but a first place win. He is known for extensive knowledge, precision and detail of technique, for giving impressive demonstrations, patience and a connection with both adults and young people. Sensei Kushner is known for his deep humility as he teaches and enlightens his students without ever appearing egotistically or artificially deep.