About Our Dojo

Our Dojo is located at 782 Chenango Street, Binghamton N.Y.. For over 30 years, FMK has become a place of learning and friendship for hundreds of adults and children. The FMK Dojo is one of the only buildings in the country, that was designed and built with the training of karate in mind.

This institution has a purpose and philosophy of non-violence while perfecting one’s mind and body. Everyone should find something to do… whether it be a sport, a career, or raising a family, and apply themselves totally to the principle of becoming all they can be. They should feel that, certain magic that exists in all of us, so that everyone can live feeling purposeful and special.

FMK is the only school in the Binghamton area to teach cane adult self-defense and adult street self-defense in every class. The cane can be adapted to other implements such as umbrellas, sticks , etc.