Basic Techniques
Punch (ZUKI) Uses SEIKEN-FIST or FOREFIST; Two kinds

OI-ZUKI: Lunge Punch GYAKU-ZUKI: Reverse Punch

Knife Hand Block (SHUTO-UKE) Like SHOTO-UKE, can be a simultaneous strike as blocking is done; Usually used with other knife hand with knife edge at midsection just below solar-plexus;
Down Block (GEDAN BARAI) Literally Down Parry, also called GODAN-UKE – Lower Block, and HARAI-UKE – Down Block – most powerful when combining with drop of hips and body as block is executed; Distance of blocking fist to your front leg is 1 to 1 ½ of your own closed fist.
Upper Block (AGE-UKE) Rising Block, also called JODAN-UKE – when referring to “Upper Block” though , AGE-UKE is most often used – The 45 degree angle of the arm and twisting motion minimizes impact and increases power / effectiveness
Inside/Outside Block (UCHI-UKE) Also called YOKO-UKE – Inside Block or Inside Forearm Block. With wrist straight and slightly passing body / shoulder when block is completed

Key: Approximately one closed fist distance from elbow to your body.

Outside/Inside Block (SOTO-UKE) Also called YOKO-UCK-UKE- Outside Forearm Block – Best of all blocks to use as an injuring strike
Counting Miscellaneous Terms
Ichi One Rei Bow
Ni Two Sensei Teacher
San Three Seito Student
Shi Four Shihan Master
Go Five Renshi Assistant Master Instructor
Roku Six Sempai Assistant Instructor / Senior Student
Shichi Seven Seiza Sitting Meditation
Hachi Eight Kata Forms
Ku Nine Kumite Sparring
Ju Ten Hajime Command to Start
Ju Ten Yame Command to Stop
Ju Ten Kiyotsuke Line or Stand up Straight and Pay Attention; Command to Line Up