2014 – Reflection On Another Year Of Practice

December 29, 2014

Another year of beneficial practice in our dojo is drawing to a close. We reflect on literally hundreds of classes and note that all of them were positive and energizing. Many people either formed or nursed close friendships that would never exist without our school. Even our spectator parents enjoyed the relaxing break to have us take over for their supervision.

We are so proud to have each and every member with us. We have all watched others improve and be so proud of themselves. Our bodies and minds can be compared to our cars. Left without any maintenance, we both will not work as well and will even malfunction. Things break, tear and wear out without proper care.

Noting the importance of our school, we asked our members at this time to please write something for our January, 2015 newsletter. Every year we open our publication with entries from all members. None have to be long. A sentence or two, or even paragraphs are welcomed into this edition. Say something about your progress something you feel about our fellow members, or even reflect on advice you have received or give advice to others. We try to make it easy for you to submit as well. Write something and drop it off in our class, or email it to Chris Root at CHRISCJRLAW@GMAIL.COM. You can even do it now if you want, just thinking about our school and sending us a message about why you joined and why you stay is enough. It is not hard because it is just supposed to be your feelings. Sometimes, finding your entry and seeing what others have written is a lot of fun in itself.

So please join all of your fellow dojo members and parents and make sure our first 2015 newsletter is complete and full as it can be by writing your feelings or accomplishments at our school. Everyone’s thoughts and feelings are important and we all want to hear what you have to say so please write something.

We talked today about reflecting on our progress and our great experiences in class. Please remember to always reflect on your classes and your school. Everyone can feel like they are in a rut, or feel like the dojo is not exciting to be at. Remember that there was a
time when you loved the dojo, loved the practices and loved the progress you observed in yourself. Well, whenever necessary, do the self reflection again to find why you felt it may have changed for you, practice hard and do not fight it but let all of it go. Remember… you will make progress forever unless you make yourself stop, so please, rekindle the excitement that was yours!