Practical Applications

November 15, 2013

One major aspect of self-defense that is often overlooked is the aspect of detecting a potential threatening situation. The old saying if something does not feel right is most often true.

Our instincts usually make us aware of abnormal situations and thus give us a heads-up. By being aware of potential danger, we are more capable of handling it

In all these instances we are listening to our instincts, thus taking precautionary action. It is smart to survey that situation when exiting your house or a building, especially at night. Step out, stop and look around before walking to your car. If there are shrubs, look to see if there is anyone behind them. See if there are any suspicious people or vehicles around; be especially careful about vans and SUV’s. I see too many people, especially women, who when walk out of a building, will just put their head down and walk quickly to their car. Completely oblivious of what is around them. They are told by a lot of self defense experts who say it is good to act assertive, and potential muggers will usually avoid assertive looking people. That may be true. But while being assertive you should not be ignorant. Make it a habit to always survey and analyze the surroundings. The few extra seconds can avoid a hazardous situation.