Enrich your mind, body and spirit with Karate

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October 23, 2013

Karate, once thought of as a strange, foreign fighting art, can now take an individual into a world free of pressure and stress in just an hour a couple times a week. Fitness experts agree that martial arts practice is one of the most efficient (as efficient as swimming) overall body exercises, making maximum use of all muscles to increase flexibility, strength, circulation and range of motion.

Karate offers other benefits, too: It can help stress and anger management, as well as self-acceptance. When self-defense is mastered, and the mind and body feel recharged.

These benefits are also experienced by the young – along with boosted concentration, more self-esteem and confidence. The practice of karate helps make the young person better in school; more cooperative with family, friends and schoolmates and better citizens in general.

“Karate is all in the mind. We have seen great improvement in Kevin’s confidence, self esteem and concentration” says Ed Thomas, father of karate student Kevin Thomas. “I enjoy studying karate with my son. Karate has helped me in many ways, as well as strengthen the bond between myself and my son,” he adds.
More than a gym or a self-defense facility, the karate school is a positive, peaceful family center. Many parents study karate along with their children at the dojo, or the practice hall.

As it appeared in the Press and Sun Bulletin on June 29, 2001